Hope Reese


My name is Hope Reese. I’m an art center director in Monroe, grandmother, special needs mom and I’ve been using dōTERRA since 2014. I have a clearer mind, more energy, sleep better, almost zero pain (especially compared to others my age!) and my immune system is healthier than its been in 40+ years. Our products have helped me and my daughter in more ways than I can list. I thank God daily for them.  


I am a Premier with doTERRA and all that means is that I've helped a lot of people get started with pure, natural, safe and wildly effective essential oils.  

These oils and vitamins have changed my life and literally saved my daughter's life. I can’t say any more strongly than that… I really can’t imagine how much more difficult my life would be if I was constantly in pain and always sick as I was for 40 years before I started using dōTERRA.

Before doTERRA we had on average two ER trips a year due to respiratory issues with my daughter. She literally could not breathe and coded several times. Not one ER trip for respiratory issues in four years since starting using dōTERRA. Not one.

If you’re like I was four years ago and have been doing all the things that doctors have told you to do and are still sick, maybe it’s time to try something new. Maybe it’s time to take the risk and step out of the box and try natural, safe and wildly effective remedies.

I know it sounds crazy. I am fully aware of that because I thought “oils” - whatever that means - were crazy, too! But when you’re desperate and come to the end of your rope ... sometimes you really do find the answers that you were seeking.​

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