So what is the difference between booking a Party and booking a Group Class??

When you book a group with us, if you are celebrating a birthday, you will want to book a party.  A party is a 2 hour event that is focused on your group and celebrating the birthday girl.  We have a lot of extras that come with the party - pre party activities when everyone is coming in (drawing on the chalk board, photo props, scavenger hunt) and we give a presentation to get ready for the craft that gets everybody in the party mood!  We talk about creativity, depending on the age we may do warm-up art exercises, etc.  At the end of the art project, we then sing happy birthday, eat, do an art show during the food, take group pictures and open gifts.  


A class is centered on the art project.  We teach whatever project is planned, individually help each person, have refreshments (drinks and a snack like popcorn or cookies) and give not only instruction but encouragement as well.  


Coming to Open Studio Time is another option to choose an art project - please understand that Open Studio Time is open to whoever

comes so possibly it could be just your group there, or there could be several other groups. Click here to see dates for Open Studio Time! or you can request your own time here