Jewelry Making

*A hands-on Jewelry presentation, interesting and informative about the history of jewelry, fun facts about gemstones, pearls, etc.  We encourage creativity and self expression through the joy of making something unique and special!

*We provide all the instruction and materials to make both a necklace & a bracelet (age appropriate).  Every girl chooses a charm for her necklace & alphabet letters for her bracelet.  We even have a mini fashion show to highlight the beautiful creations made during the party!

*Then we open gifts, take photographs, and wrap up a wonderful party that will be remembered as a special birthday celebration.  Plus the girl’s will all have jewelry to take with them after the party that will be enjoyed and be a special memory of their friend’s birthday.

We request that a parent or adult stay with any child under the age of 6 to assist them with their jewelry making.

*Party package is minimum of 8 guests (including guest of honor).  We can accommodate up to 64 guests, but we need to know in advance so we can properly plan for a larger group.  We ask that you let us know two days before the party what the party RSVP number looks like so we can plan and prepare – we are always prepared for more guests than you anticipate just in case : )

*Parents are welcome to stay for the party and shop our Artist Marketplace!

Party Cost – $20 per guest ($25 deposit required to book the party, subtracted at the end of the party from the total), add an extra $45 to include the cake, drinks, candles, and all the paper goods (our goal is for mom to come and have a good time – everything is taken care of!).

We have several different jewelry projects available to choose from for the party (the basic necklace & bracelet set, making paper beads, bead weaving or a specific kind of necklace, i.e. pearl) – if you would like to meet with Ann to discuss different party projects, just ask and we will be glad to set up a time.