Knight Sword and Shield Birthday Party


This is a great party for boys!  We had the sword and shield craft specially designed for this event at Spark and boys love making this craft!  Each child will paint a wooden cut out of a shield and a sword.  If by chance any child would prefer to paint a different cut out we have over 40 different choices available at Spark that they can choose from (including 3 different kinds of dinosaurs, a football helmet, a tractor, train, superhero shield, truck, shark, deer, horse, anchor, etc).  


The party begins with a presentation about the history of shields and crests and the birthday boy knights each guest and gives them each their official knight name (ie Sir Eats-Alot, etc).  We come up with individual knightmottos (Brave and Loyal, Friends and Family, etc) to write on our swords.  We first prime then paint our wooden cut outs, and add leather and beads to use as a handle on the shield.   We encourage creativity and self expression through the joy of making something unique and special!


We provide all the instruction and materials.  If anyone finishes early, we have an activities table set up (legos, play dough, markers/crayons/paper, etc).  Each party takes two hours.


Then we sing happy birthday, eat cake and take group pictures.  We open gifts and wrap up a wonderful party that will be remembered as a special birthday celebration.  Plus the guests all have their individually painted sword and shield to take with them after the party that will be enjoyed and be a special memory of their friend’s birthday.  The party is $20/child.


*Party package is minimum of 8 guests (including guest of honor).  We can accommodate up to 64 guests, but we need to know in advance so we can properly plan for a larger group.  We ask that you let us know two days before the party what the party RSVP number looks like so we can plan and prepare – we are always prepared if the party number grows.