I had an Epiphany

We do art at Spark. That shouldn't surprise anyone - painting, jewelry, clay, crafts. I love all of it.

It hit me one day - but really what makes Spark magical is WHO you do art with. ART IS MORE FUN WITH FRIENDS!!! Once I figured this out, it just made more sense to me why Spark is SO MUCH FUN! Making art with friends is much more fun than just making art by yourself! In the last twenty four hours, we have had multiple groups in to paint, make jewelry or make a clay piece -- friends celebrating a birthday, 3 generations enjoying their Saturday afternoon together, girl scouts making jewelry and giggling, new friends getting to know each other, friends making gifts for other friends who are all in a play together this weekend, a grandmother laughing and enjoying her granddaughter as they painted.

So maybe art isn't exactly your thing - that's okay, bring a friend, a daughter, a granddaughter, a grandmother, a new friend, an old friend, a sibling, a boyfriend/a girlfriend, a spouse, a little brother, a coworker...you get the idea! bring someone! and enjoy the time TOGETHER at Spark! Make a Memory seems a little cliche, but really, it's a wonderful thing!

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