Elastic Skin is better than Saggy Skin!

It's never too early to take care of yourself, and this post is specifically about taking care of your skin. And it's a rhetorical question - OF COURSE elastic skin is better than saggy skin!

First I started (surprising even myself) by joining the gym that I had driven past (and I will note I drove past it without a second glance) at least 4-6 times/day for the last ten years without stopping. Then I started changing how I ate - cutting out processed foods, flour, sugar and choosing lots of Veggies! The next step was adding some easy supplements like flax seed and collagen. Collagen boosts the elasticity of our skin but as we get older, rats, we don't make enough of it. It's easy to supplement - I just pop a tablespoon every morning into my coffee and it disappears (no taste). I plan on taking this every day so I found Bulk Supplements - I can buy it significantly at less cost by the kg (a lb lasted me about 6 weeks, so a kg should last about 15 weeks). What kind of collagen should you get? It's protein, and it really doesn't matter if the source is bovine, chicken or fish unless you have a preference because of dietary restrictions, below are links for all three. This healthy addition is easy! Click below for the three different kinds of collagen.

Please note that I'm an affiliate for Bulk Supplements so I may benefit from your purchase from the link below, but I only promote products I believe in, no extra charge to use my links below : )


Click here (bovine)

Click here (chicken)

Click here (fish)

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