Flax Seed

After being a poster child for a sedentary lifestyle, about 5 months ago I decided to go to the gym and make a change. 30 lbs later, I'm lighter, happier, stronger and more energetic! The next step after getting moving was I started to be interested in changing how I eat (I kept asking myself - "where is Ann Peden and what have you done with her?" as things started changing FAST!). I've started adding EASY supplements to my diet to be healthier. Flax Seed is one of the easiest things to add - almost every day, I grind a tablespoon of whole flax seeds (it isn't absorbed without being ground and the good stuff in it doesn't stay potent if it is ground and stored so you have to pop it in a grinder right before you use it). You can add it to a salad, sprinkle it as a topping to stir fried vegetables or fish or cereal or oatmeal, use it as a yoghurt topping, or pop it into anything you're baking. The taste is pretty neutral (I actually like it) and it gives you a big punch of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids and lignans, great for digestive health and lowers the bad kind of cholesterol. This is suggestion #1 from this former couch potato for an easy-peasy addition to your diet to improve your health! I recommend the two products below, both very reasonably priced and will get you started in a flash adding Flax Seed to your routine! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases but I only promote products I believe in, so if you enjoyed this review, please click on this link, no cost to you.

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