I'm going to the USA Powerlifting Nationals in Las Vegas on June 10th!

Updated: Feb 13

I sent this letter introducing myself and asking for sponsorships to local businesses to help me get to Nationals...it has come to my attention that friends who are not businesses are also interested in supporting me on this journey, so below is a copy of the sponsorship letter detailing ways you can help me get to Nationals! I am appreciative of all the support I've already received in so many ways and if you are moved to help contribute financially, any donation is greatly appreciated!

Hi there! My name is Ann Peden. I am the owner of Ann Peden Jewelry Marketplace and Spark, a local small business retail shop and community art exploration programs right here in Watkinsville. Visit our website at sparkatannpeden.com to see more of what we do in the community.

At 58 years old, after a lifetime of being sedentary, uncoordinated (not exaggerating, wish I was!) and also uninterested in anything athletic, I had an Ah-Ha! moment and surprised myself by beginning a fitness journey that transformed not only my body (I'm 45 pounds lighter and strong!) but even more significantly, it transformed my outlook on life with an attitude of "if I can do this, anything is possible!"

This has led me to a place of great excitement and opportunity! I put on my bucket list to compete in a powerlifting meet (bench press, squat and deadlift). It took a lot of courage to sign up for my first meet and I trained for a year to be able to do my first USPA sanctioned powerlifting competition in January at 61 years old! And surprise! My totals at the meet qualified me to go to Nationals in June in Vegas in the Masters 3A (Women 60-69) class! I have seen how this journey has been an inspiration especially for older women. I am approached by women all the time (conversations usually start with "I'm following your fitness journey!") then quickly go to their discouragement about failed exercise attempts, inability to lose weight, lack of progress, and overall worry about health & aging. My story shows if I can do this, anybody can improve their health & fitness and I now have a passion to be a voice for hope for older women in this very important area of our lives.

If you want to read more details of my story, I wrote a summary of the highlights of my fitness journey linked here - https://www.sparkatannpeden.com/blog or you can also follow me on instagram @annpedenandspark

or facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/732596237359887

This is where you can help me make my dreams happen! My goal is to raise $10,000. This will cover all expenses for the competition. In return, I will use my visibility in the community to highlight your business on my social media accounts, my website, signage at my two retail locations, and listed as a sponsor on shirts.

I have set up several levels of sponsorship to reflect where I am in my training right now! My Personal Records (PR's) for these events are 80 lbs bench press, 155 lbs squat and 205 lbs deadlift, and totalling 440 lbs for all 3 events.

  • Bench Press Sponsor $80 - listed as a sponsor on my website

  • Squat Sponsor $155 - listed as a sponsor on my website and highlighted on my social media accounts

  • DeadLift Sponsor $205 - listed as a sponsor on my website, highlighted on my social media accounts, and posted as signage at my 2 retail store locations

  • Meet Total $440 - listed as a sponsor on my website, highlighted on my social media accounts, posted as signage at my 2 retail store locations, and printed on shirts given to supporters

Any level of support is greatly appreciated! Please feel free to contact me about this if you have any questions or ideas - my hope is my transformation and enthusiasm for fitness & weight training will be an inspiration in the community! Cut off date for sponsorships is May 1st so I will have plenty of time to promote your business!


Ann Peden

P: 706-296-6337

E: annpeden@gmail.com

IG: @annpedenandspark

PS - news flash! As of Feb 10th my bench press PR went up to 85 lbs - woohooo! making progress!

PS 2 - news flash! As of Feb 12th my deadlift PR went up to 210 lbs!

If you would like to be a sponsor, please check off your preferred level of sponsorship:

  • Bench Press Sponsor - $80

  • Squat Sponsor - $155

  • Deadlift Sponsor - $205

  • Meet Total $440

  • Or any amount you would like!

Please fill out the information below so I can follow up on your selected sponsorship package:

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Business: ___________________________________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________

Checks can be mailed to:

Ann Peden

1430 Capital Ave Suite 111

Watkinsville Ga 30677

Or go paperless with my Venmo:


Thank you in advance!