My Most High Maintenance Friend

I saw a facebook quiz to help you determine how high maintenance you are - do you wear heels? false eyelashes? get your nails done? etc. I'm a pretty low maintenance girl, BUT I realized I have a very high maintenance friend.

Harry Potter, my kiln, is definitely high maintenance. He needed special electrical support installed. He needs a special sink to wash the clay in so it doesn't ruin the plumbing. He needs his own set of paint brushes only used for glaze. He weighs 315 pounds and takes up a lot of space. I had to hire men to deliver him and install him - he's a bit complex. He needs privacy - he has his own room so there's no chance any one will mess with him when he's firing. He has his own furniture to go inside of him - must be able to withstand about 2000 degrees. He needs his own ventilation system. And I could go on! But he is worth it - I love having a kiln and being able to make pottery at Spark, no matter how high maintenance my dear friend Harry is. Come to our Try Me pottery class every Monday 5:30 to 7 to get your hands in the clay!

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