Take a mini-vacay with us!

We have done jewelry making parties and classes for over 15 years. I love bringing out the trays of beads and charms - so many possibilities! There are oohs and ahhs and then everyone (kids and adults too) settles down to figuring out what they are going to create. A pattern of small beads? Every other bead a pearl? A monochromatic necklace in all blues? Big chunky bold beads? A rainbow to match a unicorn charm? About 20 minutes in, I ask everyone to stop and hold up what they are making. In fifteen years, it's always been the same experience - everyone is making something totally unique and different! The trays all basically have the same mix of beads - but what we make reflects us, our personality, what we like, how we see life. And that is what makes creative expression so wonderful - for a few moments, we are completely totally engrossed in the process of what we are making, we are relaxed, we are creating something that is totally unique to us. It's a mini-vacay - look at our schedule at Spark at www.sparkatannpeden.com and vacation with us - I mean sign up for a class! -Ann

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