The best part about Christmas at the store....

December 22nd, I'm waxing sentimental! This is easy - what is the best part about Christmas at the store? It's YOU, it's the relationships! At Spark, although we make lots of different things and people of all ages are there, really it's about the time spent together while making whatever the thing is they are making! Make a memory sounds cliche and overused, but when it is done, it isn't either of those things - it is AWESOME.

And although technically teaching art classes & parties at Spark is my "job" it is really my mission. So that's the Spark part....across the street, at the store, I know so many of you. I know that your daughter does softball and you just moved to a new house and grandma is called Mimi, you get the picture. Having a small business is personal and wonderful. And at Christmas, one of my favorite things is being in the store and helping the kids find their special gift for mom and dad. It is always very thoughtful and with great intention put into the decision. So yes, retail isn't easy and we're open 7 days/week and it's a lot harder to make it work since since everyone shops online, but I wouldn't change anything as I love this opportunity to be part of these relationships. At Spark after someone finishes a class or party and wants to pay, I always say the same thing, "I don't do money! I do the fun stuff! Please go across the street to the store to pay." I finally have it figured out - it's not that it's such a pain to take money, it's more that I see what I do as a mission not a job. I'm glad we do make money so we can keep going, but it certainly isn't about that for me. So as the year is closing out, thank you for supporting me by bringing your kids and your friends and your mom to Spark and shopping locally at the store! I love my mission! -Ann

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