"This is my Happy Place"

We have several quotes that we use all of the time at Ann Peden - one of my favorites is "This is my happy place," and of course, "I made art at Spark."  My job title is officially Owner or President but really it is "Happiness Coordinator," and I've just taken on a new position, "Chief Optimist."  I met someone who works in customer service at a large chain store nearby and he told me that everyone he talks to has an attitude, an anger issue or a PROBLEM that they confront him with.  Wow, that sounds pretty tough to deal with that 40 hours every week!  And I was surprised too....that dynamic never surfaces at the store or at Spark!  It's just a lot of loose happiness and joy surrounding my business - happy kids, happy parents, happy shoppers.  I love that people sense it all the time when they are here - it is a fairly common occurrence for someone to walk into Spark and spontaneously say, "This is my happy place!"  So if you haven't been in recently and need a little pick-me-up, please make time to stop into the store or schedule some art therapy with us at Spark!   

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