Yes, we had a SLIME party!

And it was AWESOME!!! I had resisted having a Slime Party at Spark, thinking that Moms don't like Slime....but Amy Moon helped me to see that it would help her to have her daughter Presley's Slime themed party at Spark rather than at her house! So we had an amazing time making Slime this past Saturday! Glitter, food coloring, shaving cream, styrofoam balls, glow in the dark beads, seed beads....if it was shiny or sparkly or interesting, we added it to the Slime. Then we named it (Raspberry Glacier, Cotton Candy Souffle, etc), then painted wooden boxes to store it in (and I had everyone practice what they would say when they went home - "Miss Ann said I ALWAYS keep my Slime in this box.") Thank you Presley for having your party with us at Spark!

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