"Find your silver lining" Handstamped Bracelet

"Find your silver lining" Handstamped Bracelet


Ever since this craziness started, I've been searching for the right quote to fix my mindset.  It's scary, it's inconvenient, but we're healthy - nothing really to complain about, are you kidding me?  no toilet paper anywhere?, new words like social distancing and flatten the curve, the very sad feeling hanging the "closed" sign on my 3 stores and driving away, trying to find now not only my keys and my glasses, now also "where is my mask?".....lots of emotions swirling around, hard to sort out what my mindset should be!


Then it came to me.  Find the silver lining!  I can't change the situation but I CAN find the silver lining.  There IS good that will come out of this!  It's not clear exactly all that it will be at least at this point of time one month into it, but it sure does help to focus on finding the silver lining.  For the quote, I decided on "find YOUR silver lining" instead of "find THE silver lining" because it will be different epiphanies and revelations for each one of us, and all I can focus on is me and what I can do to somehow get through this and also somehow to make the world a better place even in some small way through all of this.  


So if you need a dose of inspiration and focus, this little quote may help you to find your silver lining during this uncertain and difficult time!  

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