Summer Art Camp at Spark!  We will be holding our Summer Art Camp but space is very LIMITED to ensure a safe experience!  We are very thankful to have two large spaces for our camp, and each Spark has 10 big tables made of full size doors.  We will hold 10 weeks of camp!  We have been working hard to figure out how to have a safe and socially distanced environment.  We have now added Friday Day Camp! If you are signing up for the whole week pick the week of camp that you want and you will have an option before check out to add the Friday Day Camp. If you just want to come to Friday Day Camp, choose your date below!

Here is the plan - each camper will have their own mini art "studio".  Their mini "studio" will have all the supplies that they need for each project we do (painting, jewelry making, clay), and their "studio" will also double as their snack and lunch area.  Each Spark has 10 big tables so each student will have plenty of social distance from each other.  We will wash hands, wear masks, and use hand sanitizer frequently.  With each student having their own set of supplies and their own "studio" we can experience all the good things about Spark but in a contactless setting! 

Surgical Mask

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policy on masks at camp!

Hi everyone!   


Summer and Art Camp at Spark will be upon us in just a few months!  It is my favorite time of the year - four days together of art joy!  This year we will have our regular Monday-Thursday session and an optional Friday session can be added (or Friday can be signed up just as a one day camp).  I wanted to communicate a little bit about what we are going to do for safety and our plans.  Last year we were able to have camp under the state guidelines and it was a wonderful summer - we were able adapt camp to hold it safely and we didn't have anyone (campers or staff) test positive over all of our sessions.  I'm very thankful we have two big spaces (Spark 1 and Spark Too) and we are already making our plans for Summer 2021 Spark Art Camp!


Registratioin starts this week!  We are registering a maximum of 30 kids per week and will have up to 15 kids at each Spark.  We will have a maximum of one teacher and one assistant for each ten kids (no additional adults will have contact with the kids)


When you arrive, parents will stay in the car and drop off curbside to minimize contact with adults.  Our morning check in will be contact less.  We will take each child's temperature before they go in and ask if there has been any recent illness or fever.  We also will screen each camp worker every day to make sure there is no sign of COVID-19 related illness.  If any child has any signs of illness or fever, they will be isolated from the other children immediately and the parent will be called to pick up their child.  Parents will be notified if any children or staff at camp have any symptoms of any sickness.  


Instead of the kids being at big tables together, every camper gets their own "mini-studio" (each Spark has 8 foot tables that are doors - it's a big table so over 6 feet between each child), so we have plenty of social distancing space.  Each child will have their own set of art supplies (own paints, brushes, clay supplies etc so no sharing of supplies).  Each table will also have a bottle of sanitizer.  Masks are recommended to be worn at their tables and when they get up for the bathroom or to wash hands.  We will frequently sanitize the bathroom during the day.  Lunches brought in from home will be eaten at their own tables, and prepackaged snacks/drinks will be on their table.


All of this is to say - Safety first at camp!  


We are already ordering supplies, getting our staff in place, and (very exciting!) planning new projects - oh so so much fun!!!  I can't wait!!


I look forward to seeing you and your child(ren) at camp!!!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at annpeden@gmail.com or at the store number (706-769-2656).


Thank you!!!   -Ann