Painting Wooden Cut Outs

wooden cutouts.jpg

Wooden Cut Out


Painting wooden cut outs is a great party choice for any age group, boys or girls!  We provide a selection of more than 40 different wooden cut outs to choose from (crown, mermaid, football helmet, unicorn, sea turtle, shark, cheerleader, gymnast, flip flops, train, fire truck, 9 Christmas themed cut outs, elephant, ballerina, deer, horse, dog, cat, moon/star, anchor, truck, tractor, 3 different kinds of dinosaurs, sword and shield, scalloped sign, superhero shield, snowflake, spider, owl, megaphone, snowglobe or gumball machine, quote bubble and heart of Georgia map) – the birthday girl or boy can either choose one cut out that everyone paints, or everyone can choose their own design.  We get art smocks on, select our cut outs then it’s time to paint! 


We start all of our parties with a fun instructional introduction for our craft.  We have sample examples to show how to shade, decorate with polka dots/chevron/lettering etc.   Then we use acrylic paints to prime and paint our pieces.  We offer encouragement and help during the painting, then add a wire to hang their piece up with.  If anyone finishes early, we have a scavenger hunt and other activities (chalkboard art and an art activity table set up).  We do an art show, ooohhhing and ahhhhing over each piece.  


Then we sing happy birthday, blow out the candles and eat cake.  We take group pictures then open gifts.  Each party takes two hours.  Happy kids leave with the wooden cut out they painted!